Street Art – “Invisible to those who choose not to look!”

Strip District, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I took this photo this past summer while shopping a farmer’s market here in the Burgh. I love when life has hidden little treasures to be seen by those who choose to look, and can bring an unexpected smile. Enjoy looking and touching and seeing all that is around you, there are hidden beauties everywhere.


Photo by Me. August, 2016

• Let Me Introduce Myself • A few words about me…Deanna Rizzo

Deanna Rizzo, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2017

Hi guys! Please call me Deanna.  Just a few words to share with you, with the begining of this part of my journey. I’ve been on Instagram for almost a year now, after grabbing life by the balls and deciding to write again. Here I am a year later, life is strange, life is fucking incredible, life is fulfilling, and I am here after hell on earth, still fighting and still loving.  You will notice that with my raw style of writing, you never know what’s going to come next, as I’ve been told by so many. What a fucking compliment! I love to surprise! And honestly, I don’t know what will come next. So let’s just see what happens and enjoy getting to know one another.  Lots of love to you my WordPress friends and I can’t wait to get to know you!


A simple winter photo in all it’s beauty! “When we learn to enjoy the simple things in life, we can truly start living.” • Deanna Rizzo ©2017
A very dear friend with incredible talent and vision on Instagram @mypicsforyouuu

Hearty Winter Stew for a cozy Sunday!

wp-image-1573051434jpg.jpg“A hearty helping of love can warm the soul.”


Chicken Kordell Stew, a hearty stew I created several years ago in honor of a Pittsburgh Steelers QB Kordell Stewart. Cooking is a passion of mine. Ingredients include chicken, black and garbanzo beans, tomatoes & other various veggies. Good for the soul and the body, a yummy warming stew any day of the week! I like mine with cornbread!